4 Important Ways to Show Your Customers You Care

Posted by Factor Funding Co. on August 22, 2014

In this day and age of impersonal automation and technology, it can be easy for people to feel like they do not matter to companies or to business leaders. They assume that they are nothing more than a faceless number or an inconsequential dollar amount. However, business owners who want to stand out among their competitors may wonder what they can do to show their customers that they really do care about their clients. You can demonstrate your appreciation to their customers by incorporating these key suggestions in your everyday business operations.

1) Buck the Corporate Customer Appreciation Trend

Your customers will be the first to tell you that words have no value if they are not backed up by valid actions. Many businesses today pay lip service to their customers by sending out email blasts that use generic terms and convey insincere regards. These blasts are usually sent out at opportune times, particularly busy shopping seasons like Christmas and back-to-school.

However, you can buck this corporate trend and be consistent with your communications with your customers. Sending out emails that you personally compose throughout the year rather than during busy shopping times may show people that you genuinely appreciate them. When they know that you are the one sending the communications and that you value them every week and month of the year, you demonstrate your level of caring in a way that stands out in stark contrast to your competitors.

2) Avoid Automation

People are all too familiar with the frustrating key prompts that many businesses today use. They are accustomed to hearing “Press 1 for Customer Service, Press 2 for Billing....” when really all they want to do is speak to a live person. While some automation may be necessary for your business's day-to-day operations, it is vital that you keep it to a minimum if you want to show your customers that you care about them. When they can speak to a real person who can understand and communicate with them effectively, you demonstrate that you value their business and want them to experience as much convenience as possible whenever they engage your company.

3) Ask for Feedback and Act Accordingly

Customers like to know that their opinions matter. You can show them that you appreciate their input by sending out surveys or providing the opportunity for them to give feedback freely. They may have valid concerns and questions that, when addressed properly, could improve the overall operation of your company. When they tell you what they would like changed or kept the same, you should then act accordingly to demonstrate that you listened to them and took their concerns to heart. Failing to act after you solicited input could send the message that you are indifferent to your clients.

4) Keep Your Personal Views in Check

Your customers know that you as a private person have and are entitled to your opinions and viewpoints. Even so, as a business leader you can show that you care by keeping your viewpoints in check when appropriate. As witnessed frequently on social media sites like Twitter and Facebook, seemingly innocent statements and actions by corporate leaders sometimes invite an onslaught of criticism and outright hostility. Regardless of what your viewpoints are on current events, religion, and more, you should realize that your client base is diverse and that your opinions may clash with many of your customers' beliefs. You can show that you value them by keeping your own opinions in check.

Your loyal customers need to know that they matter to you and your company. You can demonstrate that they are important to you by using these customer appreciation strategies as you operate your business.

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