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Essential Business Blogs Every Entrepreneur Needs to Read

Posted by Factor Funding Co. on August 13, 2014

Essential Business Blogs Every Entrepreneur Needs to Read

Small business owners today have precious few moments each day to devote to reading the news. Their daily commitments may keep them so busy that they cannot take time away to read the newspaper, watch the television news, or browse the Internet properly to stay abreast on current events and trends. Rather than relegating themselves to being uniformed and out of the loop, business owners can find out much of what they need to know about the business world by following popular business bloggers online. These three leading bloggers provide vital news and helpful insight to small business owners and help them remain focused on their futures.

Peter Shankman

Peter Shankman stands out as a leading business blogger with his affability and sense of humor, as well as his ahead-of-the-curve approach to doing business. He is a popular keynote speaker at conventions like Blogworld in Los Angeles. He excels at engaging his audience and prompting them to both laugh and cry at his presentations. Shankman offers readers unique alternatives to otherwise commonplace business practices. For example, he argues that the typical business meeting lunch should be replaced with either breakfast or early coffee. He reports that lunch meetings kill productivity and also cause people to gain weight. Businessmen and women can be more productive and avoid unsightly weight gain by meeting with clients for breakfast or an early coffee.

Tim Frick and his team at Mightybytes

Tim Frick's Mightybytes blog is a must-follow for business professionals who want the best of both worlds when it comes to running an online business. He argues that people running an online business require entrepreneurs to have both an engaging and exciting website and business savvy to keep their companies alive and profitable. One of the ways that he suggests people accomplish this is by reviewing their online content. They should only keep content that is helpful, innovative and fun to read and delete the rest from their websites. If revamping an entire website would help a business owner enjoy new levels of growth and success, that individual should not be afraid to take this necessary step. Redoing a website and revising content as needed could lead to increased profits and an expanded client base.

Lori Deschene at Tiny Buddha

Lori Deschene and her Tiny Buddha blog takes a more relaxed approach to doing business today. She provides helpful insight for staying competitive and profitable in today's tough market. However, she also reminds people that they need to take time to relax and avoid worrying about things beyond their control. Her blog features daily advice and insights for running a business. She also includes advice about how to stay focused on one's goals and to pursue goals that are truly meaningful rather than popular. As she reminds her followers in one blog post, tomorrow will come and go and be what it will be. She tells followers that they should slow down and stay grounded rather than getting caught up in unnecessary worry and angst.

Deschene also advises followers to find the good in their situations, even if their situations seem overwhelmingly dire. One recent blog post touched on how some people dread going to work and think that their jobs are the worst of all possible positions. She points out ways that their much-hated jobs could actually be good for them later on in life. She reminds business owners to remain optimistic about their future opportunities.

Online blogs can give busy business owners the much needed insight into today's top business trends that they crave. Reading short blog posts can take the place of trying to sit down and watch the news or read the newspaper during a break from work.

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Written by Factor Funding Co.

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