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Strategies for Hitting Your Sales Goals This Quarter

Posted by Factor Funding Co. on August 29, 2014

Strategies for Hitting Your Sales Goals This Quarter

Professional salesmen and women understand how important it is to stay on track with their sales each quarter. As a quarter nears its end, those sales professionals who have yet to meet their goals may be nervous about how they can make their numbers and finish strong before a new sales season begins. Rather than leaving their goals to chance, people who make a living by selling goods and services can end their quarter successfully and enjoy a solid start to the next by using these four strategies to their advantage.

1) Know the Right Numbers and Totals

People who are new to the sales profession may underestimate how important it is to keep track of their numbers. As the quarter progresses and sales start to fluctuate, sales professionals who are uncertain about their goals may find that they are seriously deficient once the final numbers are tallied. However, when they know their numbers and appreciate the goal that they are expected to reach, these professionals can remain empowered and focused throughout the sales season. They can make the expected numbers each week and finish strong by the time the end of the quarter approaches.

2) Give and Get

In this tough economic climate, it has become commonplace for customers to ask for discounts or special considerations in return for their sale. While it would be acceptable for a sales professional to cut the price of the good or service or provide some other special perk, that person would not be out of line to ask for something from the client in return. When the quarter is nearing its finish and the sales person has yet to make his or her numbers, that individual may allow the discount or perk, but stipulate that this consideration comes with a price. For example, a customer could get half off a service or good as long as the order is placed within the next week. When the customer realizes that he or she can still enjoy savings when he or she acts promptly, that person may be compelled to close the sale rather than lead the sales associate on for a few more weeks.

3) Be Direct

With the end of the quarter just around the corner, sales professionals should use a direct tactic when communicating with their clients. Some customers like to banter and bargain in a bid to lead on the sales team or bide time until they make up their mind about the transaction. However, time is of the essence when deadlines are approaching and numbers have yet to be accrued. With that, a sales person should be direct and ask each customer about closing the sale today. Using a direct and assertive approach can put the customer on the spot and prompt him or her to close the deal immediately. Rather than giving the customer leeway to back out of the sale or include terms that perhaps are not conducive to the associate's goal, the sales pro should ask “yes” or “no” questions or pose the questions in a way that compels the customer to continue with the sale.

4) Envision the Goal and Look to the Future

Making one's numbers and closing strong can be possible when sales people look to the future and imagine how they will feel once they make their goals. Sometimes mental imagery is a powerful motivator. When they can internalize the emotions of making their goals and realize the advantages of starting the next quarter on solid footing, people may work harder to get those final sales before the current season ends. Setting their eyes on the next sales season can also give them the motivation to do the prep work to keep them ahead after the next quarter starts.

In the sales game, numbers and goals count. People in this industry can close strong each quarter when they use these strategies to their advantage.


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Written by Factor Funding Co.

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