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Improve Your Company's Image: Company Perception Starts with Customer Service

Posted by Factor Funding Co. on July 30, 2014

It is the one thing that can make a business lose customers in a heartbeat but it is also one of the most overlooked aspects of running a company. Customer service is often only an afterthought after a business has been operating successfully and usually only the bare minimum effort is put into place because the business is already so busy managing everything else. But company perception from the customer will always begin and end with customer service, making it an absolute must for any and all businesses out there.

Make It Personal

Improve Your Company's Image Company Perception Starts with Customer ServiceCustomer service in this day and age needs to be different. This is because customers have a direct public platform that they can use to call out any wrong doing they feel was directed at them as a result from an interaction with the business. But customer service also shouldn’t be thought of as the follow-up to sales but rather part of the entire journey that the customers takes as soon as they click on that website or step into the storefront. That means reinventing customer service internally to make sure that it’s a personal customized experience that is memorable.

How Exactly Does That Happen?

There is an easy step-by-step process to make customer service a larger priority in the company.

  1. Getting Down to Customer Needs - All that reporting and creating use cases has its benefits even beyond the C-suite. It is also beneficial for customers because it means you are discovering their true pain points and needs. What exactly are the issues customers are trying to fix? This is the foundation of higher perceived customer service.
  2. Creating Real Goals and Metrics - Customer service is typically reserved only for when customers reach out with a question or concern after the sale, and that means the metrics reflect that. Instead there needs to be tangible goals as soon as a prospective lead is interested in the business and making their journey easier to the final sale.
  3. Make the Customer a Part of the Bigger Picture - Businesses have new ways to reach out and connect with customers and that’s through social media and other online platforms. Why not use it in a customer service strategy? Make the customer feel like they are truly making a difference with the company and that their loyalty is beneficial. Customer appreciation is very much an integral part to customer service.
  4. Always Learn from Findings and Data - Most businesses use analytics to gather data on their customer service and those findings can be used to make positive changes. Customer service should be constantly shifting because the customers' needs are going to be changing in time as well.

How well a company is perceived starts at customer service. It's as simple as that. Ignoring this can result in lost revenue potential or worse - a failing business. Make the exchange between business and customer feel like a true connection in order to boost your company image.

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