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Small Business Owners Guide to Networking

Posted by Factor Funding Co. on August 8, 2014

Proper networking is vital for all types of businesses, but especially for small and medium sized businesses. Having a strong network both within the local community and beyond means better potential opportunities as a business owner and it also means allowing the company to grow even faster. However, there are key factors to successful networking that will provide the best quality connections without having to spend so much time at business conferences, luncheons and other networking events.

Here is the small business owners guide to saving more time and maximizing his networking efforts.

Always be Prepared and in the Right Mindset

Small Business Owners Guide to NetworkingAll small business owners are short on time. It is valuable because there is a lot to manage on the business side and the business owner needs to know which networking opportunities are going to be the best in relation to their time. When a networking event comes up, there are a few questions to ask, such as: how long will it take to get to the event? Who will be there? Is it actually worth the time to go? If it is worth the time, then the business owner needs to be prepared with the right mindset and that's quality over quantity. While some business owners might have hundreds of connections, would any of those networks help a fellow business owner? Do they even remember networking?

Actually Make the Time for Networking

While there are important phone calls, emails and meetings that need to be addressed immediately at times. As a business owner, sometimes those responsibilities need to be reorganized so that there is more time for networking. What tasks can be given to a manager or senior member of staff to allow for networking? What responsibilities can wait and aren't really all that time sensitive? These types of questions need to be asked as a business owner when it comes to quality networking and building up a foundation of connections.

Follow-up Is Key for Lasting Connections

While making connections and networks with fellow business professionals is all well and good, it'll be for nothing if there is no follow-up afterward. Business owners are meeting several different people every single day and sometimes those people and moments are going to be forgotten. Touching base with a quality network is crucial for a longer lasting link and the opportunity for new business partnerships and other deals to help the business get that much needed growth into a bigger company.

Networking shouldn't be neglected and can be that crucial piece to taking the next step as a successful business. Following this guide will create quality networks that don't take away valuable time as a business owner, so why not get out there and start making those connections?

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Written by Factor Funding Co.

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