Healthcare Staffing Trends for 2016

Posted by Factor Funding Co. on February 18, 2016


Healthcare staffing continues to grow in 2016. And with this growth comes major trends that are transforming the healthcare landscape for staffing agencies and medical practitioners alike. Understanding these healthcare staffing trends will help you guide your agency throughout the coming year.

RNs Remain in Top Demand

A number of older nurses are reaching retirement age. Baby Boomers have reached retirement age. On top of those two factors, federal regulations are decreasing the number of hours physicians spend dealing with patients. This is increasing the workload being placed on experienced, educated nurses.

All of these changes has caused a spike in demand for nursing professionals of all sorts. The demand for registered nurses (RNs) is especially high, however. Their higher level of education and experience make them ideal candidates to step into this emerging gap. And it is a trend that healthcare staffing agencies need to focus on. 

Patient Satisfaction is Becoming A Primary Driver in Healthcare

With recent healthcare reform has come the age of patient satisfaction. One of the most critical measures of any medical practitioner is how well patients feel they performed. Insurance companies are using these ratings as a measure for how much compensation the practitioner receives.

This is bringing a lot of changes in the world of healthcare staffing. Soft skills have become critical for anyone working in healthcare. Patients are coming to expect someone who has a great bedside manner. Patients are demanding healthcare practitioners provide great customer service along with great healthcare.

Healthcare staffing agencies must keep soft skills in mind when bringing someone new on board.

Technology is Driving Change

Visiting the doctor in a traditional office is now not the only way for a physician and patient to connect. More and more, patients are reaching out to medical professionals via video conference calls, specialized apps, and other technology channels. Knowledge of technology is an essential skill for any healthcare provider these days.

The need for people who cross between technology and healthcare continues to grow. Clinical informatic specialists and data analysts are in increasing demands. Nursing professionals who gain knowledge in IT can find plenty of opportunities in informatics. This is a trend that healthcare staffing agencies must be aware of.

Bridging the World Between Patients and Healthcare

The world of healthcare is intimidating and overwhelming for many patients. There is a growing need for professionals who help bridge the gap between patients and healthcare professionals. They can help patients understand the options available, what their coverage is, and the programs they have access to. They can also guide patients through complex healthcare situations.

This is a trend healthcare staffing agencies may need to fill in the near future. It is an aspect that agencies need to take into account when hiring new people.

Expanding the Skills of Related HR Staff

With these changes in the world of healthcare staffing, there are related changes happening in the world of human resources. HR professionals must have technical and data analysis skills to match the skills of those they hire and manage. It is required to manage the changing needs of a typical healthcare workplace.

For those that hire HR professionals for healthcare organizations, this is a trend that cannot be ignored.

These are just a few of the trends hitting the world of healthcare staffing this year. All of them are long-term trends that will continue to have impact for years to come. If your agency is not prepared for these trends, you will not have the opportunity to meet client and employee needs in 2016 and beyond. Which of these trends will have the most impact on your agency?

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