The Blog: About Business Cash Flow [Plus]

Asset-Based Loans to Support Business Growth

Asset-based lending is a financing plan that offers a quick cash solution when businesses run into financial trouble. While this arrangement can be helpful, it can also hold a few dangers,...

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Tips for Working with an Asset Based Lender

When your company credit makes it impossible to get a loan from a traditional lender you might turn to an asset based lender. However, working with this type of institution can pose unique...

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Finance Heavy Equipment with Your Business Assets

Companies that use heavy equipment in their everyday operations are often searching for ways to save on their equipment purchases. One of the available options for affording new equipment is called...

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Advantages of Asset Based Loans

 If you own a business and you have considerable company assets such as equipment you might be able to use asset based lending to get the funds you need for pressing expenses. Asset based loans allow...

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Asset Based Lending: How Your Valuables Can Get You the Money You Need

Asset-based lending is quickly becoming a popular way for small business owners to get fast access to cash for their companies. Since many companies have taken a credit hit due to the tight economy,...

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Easy Money: How to Use Your Equipment to Finance Your Business

What is Business Equipment Financing

As the name implies, business equipment financing allows you to lease equipment for your business on a finance plan. Instead of getting a traditional loan from a...

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