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What Are Asset-Based Loans, and How Can My Business Use Them?

Loans allow a business to achieve maximum cash flow liquidity and can assist them when times are hard—or when it’s time to seize an opportunity. There are different types of lending options, but...

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Busting 3 Common Myths about Asset-Based Financing

Choosing the right source of financing for your business is crucial to your longevity and future success. You do not want to get saddled with a financial burden that you cannot pay back in full or... Read More

Can I Qualify for an Asset Based Loan During Bankruptcy?

When you file for a debt reorganization bankruptcy, you may believe that you no longer will be able to secure financing until your case is discharged by the court. You also may believe that lenders...

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Is My Business Right for an Asset Based Loan?

While the economy continues to improve, traditional lenders like banks still continue to use near-impossible criteria to approve loan applicants. Many small business owners today simply cannot meet...

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7 Uses for Asset Based Loans

Many traditional lenders like bank and credit unions have tightened their lending criteria. Business owners who need money now often must jump through dozens of proverbial hoops, only to be rejected...

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Asset Based Lending Versus Factoring?

Business owners who cannot qualify for regular bank loans may wonder what financing options are available to them. If you have just started your business or you lack the credit to apply for...

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Business Equipment - Lease or Buy - Consider Your Options

The success of your business depends significantly on the quality of your equipment. You may be unable to serve your customers, provide a service or product, or take care of a range of other everyday...

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How to Use Business Assets as Collateral for a Loan

Have you been considering using your assets to secure funding for your business? If so, you'll need to be careful as you go through the process. Signing up for the wrong financing plan can endanger...

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Asset-Based Lending: How to Leverage Business Assets to Increase Cash Flow

If you own a small business, you're likely used to the frequent cash crunches that plague entrepreneurs. Unlike a corporate CEO, when you own your own business, all of the responsibility for raising...

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Does a Federal Tax Lien Disqualify You from Invoice Factoring?

Small business owners in all kinds of industries can benefit from invoice factoring. However, if you've been thinking about using this funding source, you might be concerned that previous financial...

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