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7 Industries That Benefit from Factoring

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Finding Accounts Receivable Financing with a Tax Lien

Taxes are a great financial burden for business owners, and a tax lien is one of every business...

Can Accounts Receivable Financing Help You Open a Second Location?

Most business owners dream of opening a second location. It’s a definite milestone, showing you...
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Four Tips for Starting a Business in 2017

Many people have high hopes for the new year, and entrepreneurs are no exception – 2017 promises...
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What Small Businesses Need to Know About Kickstarter

If you have ever researched creative ways to fund your small business, you may have come across...
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Do Factoring Companies Handle Collections?

On your quest to bridge cash-flow gaps and get the most out of your chosen financial solution,...
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Breaking Down Accounts Receivable Financing

If you haven’t heard of accounts receivable funding, it’s time to discover what this source of...
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What Should Your Next Steps Be After Factoring?

You’ve decided to factor your accounts receivable. The factor accepted your application, and now...
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Factoring Medical Receivables – What You Should Know

There are two main types of factoring involved when it comes to the health care industry – health...
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The Ultimate Guide to Business Factoring Services

If you’re considering business factoring, you need to know several things. Invoice factoring,...
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