The Blog: About Business Cash Flow [Plus]

How to Save on Equipment Leasing for Your Business

According to some estimates, nearly 80 percent of businesses in the United States use equipment leasing to obtain needed equipment at a reduced cost. One of the major advantages of equipment leasing...

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How Machine Shop Factoring Can Help a Business

Do you own a machine shop? If so, you may be dealing with sudden cash crunches from time to time. Invoice factoring may be a suitable way to address these needs without the commitment of long-term...

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Finance Heavy Equipment with Your Business Assets

Companies that use heavy equipment in their everyday operations are often searching for ways to save on their equipment purchases. One of the available options for affording new equipment is called...

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Use Equipment Finance to Ease Cash Flow Problems

Do you need to purchase some new equipment for your business? Are you waiting to make your purchases because you don't have the cash to pay for the items outright? Consider taking advantage of an ...
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Easy Money: How to Use Your Equipment to Finance Your Business

What is Business Equipment Financing

As the name implies, business equipment financing allows you to lease equipment for your business on a finance plan. Instead of getting a traditional loan from a...

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