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7 Industries That Benefit from Factoring

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Small Business Factoring: Tips for Success

Small businesses are often perfect candidates for invoice factoring. The success of factoring...
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What Businesses Can Use Purchase Order Funding?

Factoring requires a business to have invoices, or accounts receivables, available for the...
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Factoring Medical Receivables – What You Should Know

There are two main types of factoring involved when it comes to the health care industry – health...
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The Ultimate Guide to Business Factoring Services

If you’re considering business factoring, you need to know several things. Invoice factoring,...
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Choosing the Right Factoring Company for Small Businesses

Sometimes nothing about a small business feels small. Debt, loan repayments, and financial...
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Does Factoring Work for Nurse Staffing Companies?

Factoring is the ideal financial solution for businesses across many industries. From retail to...

How to Improve Your Factoring Application

If you’re applying for factoring, you’ve done your research and concluded that factoring is the...
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Happy Thanksgiving

The entire team at Factor Funding would like to wish you a very happy Thanksgiving holiday. 
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Growing a Restaurant With Factoring

Invoice and accounts receivable factoring is an excellent way to grow any business. With experts...